Volume 1. Tour

Art done by DVG at www.dvgdesignco.com

Art done by DVG at www.dvgdesignco.com

Feb 26th– Seattle, WA- The Comet 922 E. Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122 206.322.9272 www.comettavern.com


Feb 27th Portland  Langano Lounge.  S.E.15th and Hawthorne. (503) 230-8990

 Feb 28th Portland, WA -Ash street Saloon 225 SW Ash Street
Portland, OR 97204 503.226.0430 www.ashstreetsaloon.com

Mar 2nd Medford, OR- Johnny B’s 120 East 6th Street, Medford, OR 97501 (541) 773-1900Mar 1st Coburg, OR-HOUSE PARTY (message us for details)

Mar 3rd Chico, CA- Downlo 319 Main St Chico, CA 95928 (530) 892-2473 www.angelofbilliards.com

Mar 4th Sacramento, CA 1901 10th Street 95811 916.443.9751 www.theoldironsides.com 

Mar 5th Oakland, CA – The Stork Club http://www.storkcluboakland.com

2330 Telegraph Ave (between 23rd St & 24th St) 
Oakland, CA 94612 

Mar 6th San Francisco- TBA

Mar 7th  San Francisco, CA-  Grant and Green saloon 1371 Grant Avenue  San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 693-9565 http://www.grantandgreensaloon.com/

Mar 8th – TBA

Mar 9th – TBA

Mar 10th – TBA

Mar 11th Santa Monica, CA- Dakota Lounge 1026 Wilshire Blvd 310-393-8200 http://www.dakotalounge.com/

Mar 12th Phoenix, AZ- TBA



Mar 14th Austin, TX Fado’s214 W 4th St. Austin, TX 78701
(512) 457-0172 8:45pm

Mar 15th Austin, TX Royal House1805 Pearl St. Austin, TX 78701
(512) 478-0897 5:45pm

Mar 16th Austin, TX SXSW -TBA

Mar 17th Austin, TX rest day

Mar 19th Phoenix, AZ-TBA

Mar 20th San Diego, CA- The Shakedownhttp://theshakedownsd.com/3048 Midway DriveSan Diego, CA 92110

Mar 21st TINCAN 1863 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 964-6473  

Mar 22nd Santa Monica, CA-TBA

Mar 23rd Los Angeles, CA -TBA

Mar 24th –TBA

Mar 25th -TBA

Mar 26th Sacramento, CA-Shenanigans http://shenaniganssacramento.com 705 J St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 442-1268

Mar 27th Yuba City-TBA

Mar 28th -TBA

Mar 29th Springfield OR- Whiskey River – 3315 S. Hwy 97. Redmond, OR 97756 p. 541-923-7604

Mar 30th Cottage Grove OR- Axe and Fiddle http://axeandfiddle.com/ 657 E Main St  Cottage Grove, OR 97424
(541) 942-5942

Mar 31st TBD/REST

Apr 1st Bend, OR- Liquid Lounge 70 NW Newport Bend, OR 97701 (541) 610-6517

Apr 3rd- Boise, ID- TOM GRAINEYS109 S 6th St  Boise, ID 83702
(208) 345-2505

Apr 4th- Boise, ID- TOM GRAINEYS109 S 6th St  Boise, ID 83702
(208) 345-2505

Apr 5th Idaho Falls / Pocatello, ID-TBA

Apr 6th Missoula MT-TBA

Apr 7th Missoula MT-TBA

Apr 8th Spokane, WA- TBA

Apr 9th Wenatchee, WA- TBA

Apr 10th Leavenworth, WA TBA

April 12th Bellingham, WA TBA



Just Do It!

Just Do It!


What’s Up Awards

What's Up Awards


Dick Dale Was Awesome

Thanks to Everyone who showed up!!


Portland Story

Our story begins the day after Thanksgiving. Black Beast Revival is scheduled to play at the Tiger Bar in Portland at 9pm. Eight people managed to cram into the “Whiskey Beast” (our sentimentally treasured band van) along with all the equipment. We somehow leave punctually on time, a rarity among most rock bands, especially ours. The first couple hours go nice and smoothly; a poor representation of the next 24. We pick up Zack, our lead guitar, at a tequila bar near Marysville where he’s just had close run in with Marysville PD for being accused of being an inebriated bum. Upon quick interrogation the cop realizes our guitar player is as smooth with his reasoning as he is with a guitar. Zack makes a new friend and fan, Marysville PD. We grab Brice, our bass player, in Seattle and load the cooler with turkey-day leftovers. The Thanksgiving dinner sandwich trend begins.

As we near the Tacoma area we start to notice the ride hasn’t been quite as smooth as when we started. Our beloved band van is riding more and more rough with every new mile. Eventually the female voices of reason demand an assessment of the situation and the van reluctantly exits and heads to the nearest Sears Tire Center. The tire attendant removes a dangerously lopsided tire from the back end and replaces it for free (Black Beast suddenly realizes the less obvious convenience of female fans, lucky bastards). The Whiskey Beast is back on the road having narrowly averted blow out catastrophe. Most of the van members sleep the rest of the way to Portland due to the massive turkey coma still in effect, waking only to chain smoke in the poorly ventilated van.

We roll into Portland and make it to the Tiger Bar EARLY, no one knows how this is possible. The Tiger Bar reveals to be a quite satisfactory venue. Good ambiance, lighting, sound stage, private band room and SUPER HOT BARTENDERS who prove to be a hearty distraction and eventual cause of heart break, and shot gunning beers in the parking lot under cover of the van. The band plays an epic set with a quite enduring crowd that includes our beloved Jonny Reno of ‘Vice Machine’ and Jenny Don’t from ‘Ladies of the Night’ & ‘Don’t’. Jonny and Jenny prove to be the ultimate hosts by showing us the best nightlife Portland has to offer. The Swift and Star Bar were among our favorites.

After a long drive and lovely evening out we turn in…… YEAH F***KIN’ RIGHT!
We pull into a Motel 6 where we manage to sneak in eight mostly inebriated and slightly unruly rockers and a small dog. Our evening continues well into the break of dawn. All one big blur of shot gunning beers in the bathtub; chain smoking Oregon-cheap smokes; shoulder rides (everybody get a turn!); ingenious motel fort construction; underwear party (some are more modest than others); several trips to 7-11 for beers, smokes and taquitos; and unsuccessful passing out due to Roadie Jor-el’s incapacitating snoring. Please see online videos for best depictions.

The next morning we wake up to housekeeping, a barking dog, Jor-el STILL snoring, Zack passed out on TOP of the entertainment center and only one smart person sleeping in the van away from the unnerving thunderous sounds coming from our roadie’s throat (good call Wolf). Once we convince housekeeping there are only four people in the room and no dog, we quickly gather ourselves and prepare to load down the band van once again. We leave the room an utter stinky disaster littered with beer cans, stale smoke and B.O. just like a rock band should.

Before we hit the road we realize breakfast is a crucial commodity to continuing the rest of the day. We find a steak and legs special at The Acrop, a highly recommended and NW famous strip club. Steak and legs. Need I say more? We all enjoy a fine cut of 16 oz top sirloin and discover not all strippers are… well…. worthy of our hard earned dollars, while others are worthy our full attention, admiration, love and ALL our money. Her name was Brittany and she was the sexiest red headed, tattooed, masterfully pierced, naked goddess any of us had ever seen. We were of course forced to leave after trying to sneak her into the van, but we still got her number. Though it was a grand experience, we will forever envy Brice, who somehow got all his dances for free. Guess some men are just born with it.

After our intensely satisfying yet unsatisfying breakfast we are back on the road and the whole van is passed out with in seconds. Jor-el continues to snore. We wake only for pit stops, chain smoking and a terrifying blown tire at 70 mph. We are forced to pull to the left side of the Tacoma freeway, which is done with such professional ease by Bill, our drummer, a man of many skills and talents, which include averting us from total disaster more than once. Our poor band van is laid up on the Tacoma freeway during rush hour traffic. It shakes horrifically every time a car drives by which is about every 0.65 seconds. A cop stops to assist us and decides to stop all traffic so we may cross to the other side. BBR goes down in history as the first rock band to completely stop traffic on the Tacoma freeway. Once our tow truck arrives we realize there is no way all 8 of us are going to fit in the tow truck or the cop car. We are granted a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride in the van while it is on top of the flat bed of the tow truck like the rock stars we truly are. Again, see online videos for best depiction.

Once again, we hang at Sears Tire Center while our tire is replaced. Once again, the ladies charm the hell outta the tire boys and get a good deal. We are back on the road in less than an hour, though now late (as usual) to our next gig in Oak Harbor.

We roll in to Oak Harbor out of gas and just in time to set up. The boys play yet another epic show and the crowd demands encore after encore. The last song is a Mars Volta cover that even Mars Volta would have been blown away by.

The Whiskey Beast and her travelers arrive haggard back in Bellingham by 3am. We all go to sleep the best sleep of our lives in our own beds in beautiful silence with the absence of our favorite roadie’s obstructive sleep apnea.

Written by Liz Hansen
Band Manager